© Stefan Weber

Afropean nomad chansons

Maemo is a multicultural music project uniting people from 6 different countries. The band was founded by the singer/composer Malika Alaoui (CH/MA) in Berlin in late 2020.

With Romeo Natur (DE/PS) on percussions & Flutes (nay & kaval), Gábor Hartyáni (HU) on cello and George Birkett (UK) on guitar.

The songs are written in french, creole and moroccan but invented languages as well. The music takes its roots from northern/western Africa & Europe’s gipsy sounds. It is inspired from the beauty of the mountains, the abbondance of the plains and the warmth of the city. 

We call it : Afropean Nomad Chansons.

Maemo is an ode to life and the now.